Members of the public, nurses and other health care professionals  are encouraged to voice their support for the adoption of SBNH. 

Share your insights and experiences with those committed to the implementation of SBNH.

Share your stories about the impact of compassionate care-giving.

The Institute has a number of sponsorship opportunities and welcomes inquires from  corporations and private individuals. We are looking for partners to work in bringing SBNH to the forefront of health care...

The Institute is committed to maintaining the highest ethical and academic standards in all of its programs, which are designed to be truly cutting edge, with goal of humanizing health care.

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The Institute welcomes the participation of anyone who wants to learn more about SBNH or who is   interested in promoting it. Do you have experiences with SBNH? Share your stories with us here.

Corporate and Private Sponsorship

​​Get Involved with Strengths-Based Nursing and Healthcare

How to Promote SBNH

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