Training and educating clinical leaders, middle managers, educators, point-of-care clinicians  in the philosophy, principles and values of SBNH.

Status: A registered not-for-profit organization whose mandate is to promote Strength-Based Nursing and Healthcare.

Founded: 2014

Directors:       Laurie Gottlieb

                       Bruce Gottlieb

​                       Pam Hubley​



Our Mission

Copyright 2015. International Institute of Strengths-Based Nursing and Health Care. All Rights Reserved.

Creating a library of resource materials to enable learning about SBNH.

Promoting the science of SBN and its research-based applications.

Creating a space to build a community committed  to developing and advancing  Strengths-Based care.

Organization ​Profile

​​Areas of expertise: 
Strengths-Based Nursing, Professional Nursing,  Pedagogy, Patient and Family Care, SBN-Authentic Leadership, Policy and Practice Implantation, Large System Change , Relational Care, and Innate and Acquired Healing

Facilitating collaboration among researchers, educators, students, and practitioners of SBNH around the world.